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Equipment Rentals:

7 Foot No-Till Seeder (Tractor Attached)

Landowner Operated

$125 Delivery & Setup Fee

$15 Per Acre $100 Cleaning Fee (If Applicable)

District Operated

$125 Delivery & Setup Fee

$25 Per Acre

*Prices for rental within Lewis County

No-Till Seeder.jpg

15 Foot No-Till Drill (Tractor Attached)


Landowner Operated

$50 Delivery & Setup Fee

$15 Per Acre $100 Cleaning Fee (If Applicable)

District Operated

$50 Delivery & Setup Fee

$20 Per Acre

*Prices for rental within Lewis County

Hemlock Skidder Bridges

(2) 20' x 4' Hemlock Sections 

$100 per month

Soil Group Worksheet.jpg

Soil Group Worksheets for Ag Exemption

Agricultural landowners who qualify for an agricultural exemption (the land owner must have owned at least 7 acres of agricultural land for at least two years and made a gross profit of $10,000 in each of those years) may request Soil Group Worksheets from the District at a fee of $30/parcel.  Eligibility for Ag exemptions is determined by the town assessor or Board of Assessors. For more information on filing an Agricultural Exemption visit: .

Application Form RP-305:

Renewal Form RP-305-r:

Water Quality & Erosion Control

Erosion is a major cause of the presence of pollutants in our waterways.  Promoting erosion control practices, the importance of water quality and advocating for our waterways is something the District takes great pride in.  The District can provide information and guidance for handling your erosion and water quality concerns.

Streambank Erosion Control.jpg
Dry Hydrant 2.jpg
Dry Hydrant.JPG

Dry Hydrant Design

In rural areas where municipal water systems are not available, dry hydrants are used to supply water for fighting fires. A dry hydrant is analogous to a standpipe. They are usually an unpressurized, permanently installed pipe that has one end below the water level of a lake or pond.  The District provides technical assistance to local fire departments with hydrant design and fulfilling permit requirements to install these systems. 

Mined Land Reclamation Plans

The District assists local municipalities with mined land permits and reclamation plans.  Topographical surveys, environmental assessment forms, DEC permit paperwork, location map, soil maps, as well as a mine plan are all required for a municipality and/or private landowners to meet DEC requirements.  

Mine Permits.jpg
Japanese Knotweed.jpg

Invasive Species Management

Invasive species are a non-native plant, animal, or other organism that can invade a natural area.  They will often dominate an ecosystem and cause economic and/or environmental problems.  The District participates in invasive species control practices, educates the public on what management techniques they can implement, as well as participates in local invasive species partnerships. The District also has a portable CD-3 Watercraft Cleaning Station that is made available for public use at boat launches throughout the county.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

The District has Geographic Information System (GIS), which can be used to create resource maps.  GIS maps can cover information such as soils, state and federal wetlands, aquifers, tax parcels, aerial imagery, municipal boundaries, topography and much more.


GIS Map.jpg
Hydroseeding 2.jpg


The District provides hydroseeding services to our local municipalities in an effort to prevent erosion and protect our waterways.  Hydroseeding is applied utilizing the Districts T75 FINN hydroseeder that mixes a slurry that is sprayed onto the non-vegetated area.  This slurry consists of a conservation seed mix, water, and a wood fiber mulch to create what we call a “blanket”.  This blanket keeps soil in place while the seed germination is occurring.

Permit Assistance

Assisting landowners, municipalities and local producers with many types of permits is a big part of what the District offers.  Streams, wetlands, mined land and storm water are some of the areas where a permit is potentially needed for a specific action and this is where the District can help.  If you are unsure whether a permit is needed for a project, give the District a call and we can look into the process for you.

Joint Application.jpg

Other Technical Assistance

The District can also offer a variety of technical assistance.  If you feel we may possibly be of help to you, reach out to us by calling our office at 315-376-6122 and we will see what we can do to help.

Water Sample Drop Off

For your convenience, the District accepts water samples on behalf of Converse Laboratories on WEDNESDAY's ONLY from 8:00am -10:00am. Sample bottles may be picked up at the office during regular business hours. Bottles are available outside our door if all staff are in the field. We serve only as a drop off point for Converse Laboratories. For any water sample questions, pricing or test results please contact

Converse Laboratories directly at (315) 788-8388 or visit their website:

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